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AS2 for communication with Logistics Partners

EDI is used to some degree in nearly every industry. It has become widely adopted logistics companies because it offers more productivity bringing down their costs.

File Transfer

File Transfer, MFT and Beyond: The Story of AS2

This is a work of fiction. The incidents portrayed herein may have taken place under different settings, in a different order, or even not taken place at all; however, it...


EDI in Supply Chain & Logistics

EDI has become the driving force of business communications between trading partners. All kinds of stakeholders in a supply chain; buyers, suppliers, retailers, distributors, 3rd party logistics can benefit from...

What is EDI; A Guide to Electronic Data Interchange

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is a communication technology of exchanging business documents like invoices, purchase orders, sales orders and advanced shipping notices, in a standard electronic format, as an...