AS2 for communication with Logistics Partners

Pamoda Wijesinghe
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AS2 for communication with Logistics Partners

EDI is used to some degree in nearly every industry. It has become widely adopted logistics companies because it offers more productivity bringing down their costs.

Logistics is a wide area of business including supply chain management, distribution, production, and material movement that require movement of both tangible products and data. These data consist of documents and information related to consignments that require secure delivery after a careful audit, within critical deadlines that need to be met to keep the supply chain active. The sharing of information does not limit to business partners but also includes internal departments as well as governments.

For instant communication between warehouses and suppliers and distributors, there is an increasing demand to use EDI technology in order to save time, reduce costs, and increase security and traceability. Interchanging electronic information requires a standardized language shared by the sender and receiver to structure the messages. There are different standards;

  • 856 Advance Ship Notification (ASN)s
  • 850 Purchase Orders
  • 810 Invoices
  • Warehouse shipping orders
  • Price sales catalogues
  • Receiving advice/Acceptance certificates
  • 204 Motor carrier load tenders etc.
Pamoda Wijesinghe

Pamoda Wijesinghe